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Owners of Edison Landscape & Deck Lighting

Ed & Dawn Wojciechowski

Ed defines the vision and roadmap of where the company is going while ensuring our services align with the industry direction, standards and practices. He can often be found in the field providing our customers with estimates and assisting our installers.


Ed has great leadership and team building skills, has a knack for strategic planning and is the heart of the company. 

Dawn oversees the finances and accounting and is the head of our human resources. Dawn can be found in our office proofreading all of our most important documents to make certain clarity is evident.


Dawn excels at being concise, sensible and attentive to employees needs. Her articulation of words is bar none.


Chief Morale Officer

Sam Wojciechowski

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Joined: 2015 (Lifetime achievement award employee)

Sam is responsible for company morale and welcoming our visitors. He is the head of our security and surveillance team and self appointed quality control personnel on all office snacks.

Sam takes punctuality to a whole new level and has never missed a day of work. His boisterous voice has become synonymous with paying a visit to our office and his loyalty to the Edison Lighting team is unquestionable.

Jr. Director of Opawerations

Archie Gossard

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Joined: 2019 (Lifetime achievement award employee)

Archie manages the distribution of all T.O.Y. products, assists in security and surveillance and leads our floor cleaning operatives.

Archie excels at speedy T.O.Y. product retrieval, is one our most charming employees, and loves tormenting Sam, the chief morale officer.

Director of Operations

Dan Gossard

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Joined: 2011

Dan was one of the first employees to join the Edison Lighting team. He began as an installer while attending college and after graduating from Kent State University with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and management, he worked his way up to become our Director of Operations. Dan manages the day-to-day operations and resources for each job. He also ensures that procedures are carried out properly and oversees our customer support services.

Dan has superior knowledge of industry trends and the latest lighting products. He possesses outstanding people skills and the wonderful ability to connect with every person on the Edison Lighting team.

Office Manager

Lindsay Watts

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Joined: 2018

Lindsay manages our accounts and books, oversees administrative duties and verifies the office operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

Lindsay’s problem solving skills and adaptability to arising issues are astounding. She can handle any situation with discretion and is one of our most reliable Edison Lighting team members.

Office Assistant

Megan Vekasy

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Joined: 2019

Megan directs incoming calls, coordinates and schedules all of our appointments, oversees multiple clerical tasks and manages our social media presence. Her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design is put to good use as she creates all of our catalogs, documents and other specialty graphics.

Megan is one of our most personable employees and is constantly receiving compliments from our customers for her friendly and upbeat tone. She is dependable, kindhearted and provides just the right amount of artistic flair to the company.

Lighting Designer

Randy White

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Joined: 2014

Randy is one of our most seasoned employees. He joined the Edison Lighting team as an installer, worked his way up to foreman and then joined the lighting designer crew. Randy provides our customers with lighting solutions to beautify all their outdoor spaces and from years of hands on experience has vast knowledge of all our products. Randy also is our go-to I.T. guy for any technical issues that arise in the office. He can also be seen representing our company at all the home improvement shows we attend.

Randy is one of our most tech savvy employees. From his years of experience in the field, Randy has a rich insightful nature when it comes to explaining how our products function. His confidence in providing customers with high quality products is exuberant.

Lighting Designer

Allen Englert

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Joined: 2021

Allen had no problem jumping right in and becoming a valuable team member here at Edison Lighting. He excels at helping customers create the perfect outdoor lighting solution. He can often be seen representing our company at the various home improvement shows we attend.

Allen’s background in the construction field lends to his ability to create beautiful lighting designs. He is one of our most outgoing and friendly employees and his dedication to ensuring customers are 100% satisfied is beyond comparison.


Kyle Berardi

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Joined: 2015

Kyle is one of our most practiced employees. He began working at Edison Lighting as an installer and worked his way to running his own crews in between hitting the books in college. Kyle supervises and coordinates the work of our installation crews to make sure each job is done skillfully and efficiently. He is also one of our go-to service technicians.

Kyle is exceptionally personable and is a customer favorite. He is always optimistic and future focused both in and out of work. His hardworking nature is much appreciated by all of the Edison Lighting team.

Foreman & Safety Coordinator

Jared McTigue

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Joined: 2013

Jared is one of our veteran employees. He began his career at Edison Lighting as an installer in high school and worked his way up to foreman. Upon graduating college with a Bachelor's Degree of Applied Science in the area of Environmental Health & Safety, Jared became our safety coordinator. As a foreman, he supervises and coordinates the work of our installation crews to make sure each job is done skillfully and efficiently. Assuming the role of safety coordinator, Jared heads our safety meetings to ensure our crews are in the best working environment and that we stay compliant with OSHA standards.

Jared is one of our hardest working employees and well respected among the team. From years of experience, he has become a Jack-of-all-trades and can troubleshoot any issue. His sensibility goes unmatched.

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